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Momodou Njie
Dr Momodou NjieMomodou Njie obtained his doctoral degree from Imperial College in London for research in land surface-atmosphere interactions. Manager and BGS Strategist, Dr. Njie, who also teaches Water Engineering in the University of the Gambia, has served as a senior scientist with the Gambian civil service, and independent consultant in the last ten years. Dr. Njie has research interests in environmental and biophysical modelling, global change impact assessment, institutional economics, and natural resources and risk management.

Giran Corr
Mr Giran CorrGiran Corr, BSc (Hons), graduated with a Master of Engineering degree in Groundwater Hydrology from the Institute for Infrastructural, Hydraulic and Environment Engineering (IIHE), Delft, The Netherlands. Until recently, Mr. Corr was the Principal Hydrogeologist at Department of Water Resources, in which capacity he was responsible for a number of donor-assisted rural water supply projects. Mr. Corr has interest in research fields such as hydrogeological surveys, geophysical exploration (both surface and sub-surface geophysics), water resources assessment, and environmental impact assessment. His postgraduate research on anisotropy in ice-pushed ridges is particularly relevant to areas affected by glaciers, faulting and folding, as well as dipping planes.

Mr Gora N'diaye

Gora N'diaye

Gora Ndiaye BSc (Hons), MSc, received his first degree in Hydrology from the Centre Régional Agrhymet (Niger) in 1990, and his masters from EPFL (Switzerland) in 1993.

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